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Gig Watch

Gig Watch is an independent labour and platform observatory that gives stakeholders - business, gig-workers, policy makers, researchers and other consumers - new, unique data and tools providing a wealth of information about gig work and the platform economy. 


Gig work is fragmented, short-term contract work enabled through digital platforms and these platforms lack operational transparency and lie outside the scope of most current employment legislation. 


This Gig Watch online hub is well positioned  to influence future gig-based labour trends, and provide a 'go-to' resource for workers, consumers and policy makers.   


Intended outcome for Gig Watch

Gig Watch is intended to achieve several inter-related objectives.


First, it will allow the development and production of comprehensive data set and reports on the nature of the gig economy labour market.  Including regular ratings of platform service providers. This will fill a significant gap in knowledge about this growing part of the economy.


Secondly, the data will contribute to a greater understanding of the economic and social implications of the gig economy. For example, what is the impact of the gig economy on existing industries? To what extent does gig work contribute to economic growth? Do employment and labour market policy settings need to be adjusted to meet the needs of workers and organisations operating in the gig economy?


Lastly, there is a significant lack of transparency and accountability amongst some gig economy organisations that has resulted in the expression of public concern about their operation and a lack of trust amongst consumers. The comprehensive data collected by Gig Watch will shed light on the extent to which these concerns are justified or not.


An observatory for gig workers, stakeholders, researchers, policymakers

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