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Squaddle connects contractors to businesses that need them.

Platform website

Self-description (from their website)

Squaddle is an App that provides a peer to peer marketplace for short-term hospitality resources on-demand. The app offers businesses a simple, fast and convenient solution to source skilled independent resources that are rated by peers. Squaddle is the app for hospitality!

Skill levels and worker requirements

Variable depending on task.

Pay setting

By platform - Businesses post ‘gigs’ that contractors can bid for. Once chosen, a contractor completes the assignment and Squaddle manages all the payments. It’s quick and easy.

Platform revenue derived from

Squaddle charges a flat rate fee of 20% of the contract value of the gig (inclusive of GST) that covers the provision of the Squaddle service platform, the escrow service and the invoicing service that it provides on your behalf. Businesses can post a gig with no booking fees.


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