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Pet Care Service Providers choose the services they wish to offer, for the prices they want to offer them for. Services include: Doggy Day Care, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking, House Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Grooming, Pet Taxi, Dog Training.

Platform website

Self-description (from their website)

With local & national maps for searching, PetCloud makes it easy to find thousands of trusted Minders across the country ready to care for your pet. Simply search your Suburb and begin browsing through PetCloud Minders in your area.

Skill levels and worker requirements

Pet sitters can choose the jobs they want to accept. To become a pet sitter, the platform suggests to have an accredited pet sitter training.

Pay setting

By platform. The platform gets pet owners to pay upfront so that pet sitters can be assured of a paid job eventuating.

Platform revenue derived from

PetCloud is based on a sharing economy model, & is the easiest way for animal lovers who want to monetise their backyard, car, and services and showcase it online to busy Pet Owners searching for in-home pet care services.


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