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GoCatch is an Australian platform that promotes lower fares.

Task performed through this platform is transportation (ride sharing).

Platform website

Self-description (from their website)

Lower fares everyday

The Australian option

There�s a GoCatch for every moment, whether it�s your daily commute, a trip to the airport or a night out with friends, and we�re available Australia-wide

Skill levels and worker requirements

Skill level is low
Drivers/riders License (must have had unrestricted license for 12 months; drivers Accreditation; no other qualifications required

Workers are contractors

"The Principle (the driver) has the financial relationship with the passenger. GoGatch acts as an Agent and collects the funds on behalf of the driver."

Pay setting

By platform

Taxi drivers can use go catch in their taxis, in which case the price is set by the meter in their car

Platform revenue derived from

Comission from drivers

Have a business booking option


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