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Blacklane originates from Germany and operates in various countries including Australia.

Blacklane is a booking platform for professional chauffers.

Platform website

Self-description (from their website)

Book a Blacklane limousine around the world and look forward to reliable service and affordable prices

Skill levels and worker requirements

Skill level is low
Drivers/riders License (must have had unrestricted license for 12 months;full compliance with local regulations; no other qualifications required

Workers are Partner (partners with indivisuals or businesses); appears to be contractor if you partner with them directly (not through a business)

Pay setting

By platform

Platform revenue derived from

"The amount shown with each offer is the minimum that will be transferred to your account � we deduct no further fees or taxes"

No details on how this works, but potentially a fee is taken from the rider before showing price to the driver??


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